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Here's the "WaveBent", so named because it's a former WaveBike hull converted for use in a recumbent riding position.  This configuration was initially completed in the Spring of 2003, but the center of gravity in a recumbent riding position is too far back for the upright-designed WaveBike hull, so Ron has some re-thinking to do.


Here's John Archer leaning into a turn.  Don't lean too far (see below ;-).
Tim Archer was kind enough to help lug this contraption down to the dock, so it was only fair to let him take it for a spin.
Ever see a baby bird learning to fly?  Well, just raise your outrigger floats about 6" above the waterline and you'll get the idea.  This wasn't intentional, it's just the way they came from the lower sitting LegShell.  The forward crowded seating position was an attempt to trim the hull, but to no avail.
Did I mention the boat was a bit "tippy"?  ;-)

The water was a bit chilly too, so I'm told.

Not to worry, he'll get it righted.
Never doubted him for a minute!
Make sure there's always plenty of Pepsi aboard as fuel.  It even stayed put after the roll.
And don't ever forget the paddle, but John suggested I store it on the underside of the boat next time  ;-)
The drivetrain is a WaveBike transbox driving a vertical shaft down to a pair of bevel gears to turn another 90 degrees for the prop shaft.
Here's the problem with shifting the centre of gravity back 27" or so.  The stern deck is awash even at rest, and it gets worse while underway.  What to do?

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