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Here's the "LegShell", so named because it's a 27' rowing shell  powered by legs.  The idea was to build a boat specifically to compete in the 24 Hour Distance Race at Sparta, Wisconsin in August, 2001.  Ron Drynan was hoping to find a female endurance recumbent rider who wanted to take a shot at establishing a world-record.  The boat has since been retired, and the gear moved to a recumbent version of a WaveBike.


Here's Bob Buerger who dropped by to power the LegShell through some more testing.
I've still got trouble with the outrigger floats splashing too much and getting flipped around at speed, so something will have to be done about that!
The cockpit of the former rowing shell now houses a TerraTrike seat, WaveBike transbox, and some aluminum bits I picked up at the recycle yard.  I've added the WaveBike outrigger floats for roll stability, and would like to put some hydrofoils under those.
Rear view of the overall boat.  It's tough to get the scale of all 27 feet, but this gives you a bit of an idea :-).
Here's a side-view of the cockpit.  Those stands are a must, because it'd be very difficult to slide the prop assembly up through the hull without them!
This is a close-up of the TerraTrike seat mounting.  Think I've got enough adjustment options?  Even the kids will be able to ride this boat!  The brake levers control the rudder, another design borrowed from the WaveBike.
Here's the WaveBike transbox which drives a Free Enterprises JME-2 17x24 prop.  The gearing is 3.25:1, and those exercise bike pedals will be replaced with clipless once the racing starts.  There's a u-joint hanging off the driven shaft just to compensate for any flex and to allow for easy removal of the prop assembly.  The prop gear box has been faired in since this picture was taken (see below)..
Here's the faired in outrdrive unit.  Still haven't skinned it, but it seems to work OK as is.
This is the portable dock I had to build for launching the LegShell.  It's on wheels and the gangplank detaches so the whole thing can be rolled up on shore and into the bushes to avoid annoying the neighbors.

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