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HPV Clubs
Boat Building Community
Human Powered Vehicles Association
International Human Powered Vehicles Association
Japan Solar and Human Powered Boat Association
International Hydrofoil Society
Chalmers University of Technology
Croatian Naval Architecture Students Association
Delft Waterbike Technology
FH-Flensburg Waterbiker Team
H.F. Latte - Technischen Universität Hamburg-Harburg
Institut für Schiffstechnik Duisburg
International Submarine Races
MIT's Decavitator (current world-record holder)
Rice Crew
Straak Zu Bremen
Tennesse Tech Human Powered Sub Club
Trieste Waterbike Team
Virginia Tech Human Powered Sub
Waterbike Team Rijeka
Rowers, Canoes, Kayaks, Other
American Canoe Association
Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Association
Lansing Oar and Paddle Club
Lincoln Park Boat Club
Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership
Masters Rowing Association
Michigan Canoe Racing Association
Michigan Kayaking
Illinois Open Lands Project
Sound Rowers
United States Coast Guard
United States Rowing Association
Washington Water Trails Association
West Michigan Coastal Kayakers Association

Human Powered Boats

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