HydroFest 2000 Summary
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This message was posted to the IHPVA mailing list on June 18th, 2000

The HydroFest was a success!...

... at least that's what folks have been telling me :-).

I haven't had a chance to put together the pictures and format the results for the web-site yet, but I wanted to send a heart-felt THANKS to all the people who attended with or without their boats.  Many list members made the trek to Michigan (some haven't even gotten home as I type this), and it was great to put faces with all the e-mail addresses.

We had 18 boats racing in the four events we had time for - 100m Sprints, Slalom, Drag Races, and 2K Criterium.  I haven't counted all the demo boats yet, but there had to be at least 50 or so, and they were on the water with test-riders almost non-stop.

Event reviews have been entirely positive (except for the weeds in the lake and a bit of wind coming almost straight down the race course :-(), and I believe a good time was had by all.  The crowd averaged between 100 and 150 people in the afternoon, and we've estimated that between 500 and 800 people made their way down to the beach during the day.

All in all, I'm thrilled with the way it turned out, and would also like to Thank all the volunteers who were so crucial to keeping things running smoothly. Stay tuned for picture and racing result postings this week, and I'll be producing a video from all the raw footage - with many Thanx to Michael Lampi and Vic Garza for lending their video / photography talents to the cause.


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