HydroFest 2000 Results
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These are racing results from the HydroFest 2000.  Every attempt has been made to record the results and participant names accurately, but feel free to contact us if you find an error.


It's important to note that there was a stiff breeze blowing straight down the race course that day, and that weeds were a significant problem.  The course itself was weed free, but going to and from or taking a wide turn around the buoys during the 2K would foul your prop in a hurry.  We'll try to deal with the weed problem next year, but the wind is always a variable.


A special THANX goes out to all the people who raced their boats and gave us all so much exciting competition to watch!  THANX also to all the volunteers who provided the judging, timing, and event co-ordination.




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