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Here's a bunch of HPBers around the campfire on Friday night: (l-r, back row) Ron Drynan, Rick Smith, Bob Buerger, Paul Niederman, John Howard, Bill Murphy, Patti Copeland, Steve Copeland, Michael Lampi.  (l-r, front row) Vicki Howard, Harry Howard, Nancy Sanford, Jake Free.
An early morning shot of the Demo Area as the boats were being set up.  The Racing Course is on the far side of the dock.
All the boaters who wanted to "rough-it" pitched tents at Waldenwoods, and enjoyed campfire gatherings on Friday and Saturday nights.
Nancy Sanford of St. Petersburg, FL uses the ShuttleBike Kit's bicycle wheel powered pump to inflate the catamaran hulls.
The trailer's at half-capacity, but the Schadler brothers went all out on the Hyper 1's.
The Hobie Mirage solo and tandem on their way to the water.
These Soleaus are not traveling solo today!

Three of these demo boats were For Sale.

This boat was disqualified from the Cardboard Boat Regatta, 'cause there's a WaveWalker inside.
Ron Drynan picks up the PropCat at the dock on Sunday morning.  Note the sweatshirt and jeans - it was much better to have been racing on Saturday!

Human Powered Boats

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