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For close-ups of the boats, check out "The Boats" pages.  These are group shots from the multi-boat events and some other event highlights.

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The judges and timers did a fantastic job of recording all the results.  Pictured are (l-r) Dan Plankenhorn, Ms. K, David Johnson, Ian Kidnew, Jim Niederman, Laura Vermeer, Wayne Oom, and Ron Drynan Sr.  Other key judges included Troy Lindner, Tom Waypa, Ross Margerison, and David Duffield.
Drag Racing action at its finest.
The last heat of the Drag Races was a hot one.
Bob Buerger executing a perfect Victory Roll.  We know he wasn't actually victorious in this race, but he definitely gets all the style points!
It was a great day for Drag Racing.
It's SurfBike by a nose ahead of the WaveWalker, followed closely by the PropCat in the Drag Races.
WaveBike edges out Transducer 5 by less than a second.
Lining up for the first heat of the 2K Criterium.
Still a tight pack after the first turn in the first heat of the 2K Criterium.
The field spreads out during the second heat of the 2K Criterium.
Who's in the lead here?

Dan attempts a pass on the outside during the 2K Criterium.

(L-R) John Howard, Ron Drynan, Dan Plankenhorn.  

John won the 100m Sprints and Drag Races on his Pedalos boat.  Dan won the 2K Criterium, the Slalom, and the coveted HydroFest Cup (as the overall Event Winner) on the WaveBike.  Check out the Synopsis for the story on the "fishy trophies".


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