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One of the key attractions to the HydroFest was that virtually every boat there was made available to the public for test-rides.  Many of the racing boats headed back to the demo area between races, so the boats were busy all day.  There was almost a mutiny when we ran out of waiver forms in the afternoon, and next year we'll switch to a one-waiver fits all approach to make it easier on everyone involved.

The weather turned out to be beautiful all day, despite dire predictions as late as the evening before.
A lake full of boats, but where's the chop and all the noise?!?
The big tent was used to house boat and HPV organization literature, and to play video tapes from various HPV events.
The dock separated the Demo Area from the Race Course.
A great day for talkin' boats!
Side view of the venue.  We closed down the entire beach for the day which didn't make the Waldenwoods campers happy, until they came down to try out the boats!

Marti Daily, former IHPVA President tries out the Escapade in the demo area.  There's also an Aqua-Cycle, WaterSkipper, and SeaCycle in the shot.

The Mallack boys from Oscoda, MI spend some time on a pair of SurfBikes attached by the "Cruz Connection".
Dan Cornett of Kayak Corral in Saline, MI brought a small herd of regular kayaks to the Demo Area.
This is not a sail, it's SPF 6000!

Human Powered Boats

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