100m Sprint
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This is a mainstay of Human Powered Boat Racing.  The 100m Sprint is about all-out speed, and typically involves a single boat timed through the race course after getting to full speed in a flying start.  Many events will allow a best of two or three runs, while wind and water current must also be factored into the final result.  Unlike competitive rowing, Human Powered Boats tend to perform better as single rider machines.


Typical times range anywhere under 60 seconds (about 4 mph), with some of the faster boats doing it in as little as 15 seconds (15 mph).  In general, propeller driven hydrofoils and displacement boats shaped like rowing shells will perform best, but the Europeans and Japanese have built some very quick high-tech paddle wheel boats.  The IHPVA is the official sanctioning body for world records, and can provide information if you'd care to make an attempt.


The current world record for a single rider HPB is held by "Decavitator" of MIT with an elapsed time of 10.54 seconds, which is an average speed of 18.5 knots, 21.2 mph, or 34.2 km/h.  Rider was Mark Drela.


The current world record for a multi-rider HPB is held by "Super Phoenix", designed by Fumitaka Yokoyama, with an elapsed time of 10.409 seconds, which is an average speed of 18.67 knots, 21.49 mph, or  34.59 km/h.  Riders were Masayuki Akasaka & Shigeru Takayanagi.


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