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There was a new world-record category established for human-powered boats at Perch Lake in Sparta, Wisconsin, during the Wisconsin Classic Event hosted by POWWOW Bicycle Tours.


John Howard, cycling legend from Encinitas, CA powered his new Pedalos boat by Hydro-Cycles, Inc. for an amazing 104.6 miles in the 24 hours between August 18th at 9:18a.m. and August 19th.


Kevin & Karin Hughes of Door County, WI had drivetrain problems early in the race, but amazingly, they persevered on their tandem modified MicroCat Ultra by Micromarine throughout to set the multi-rider record at 56.1 miles.


The new records are unofficial at present, pending approval by the IHPVA Records Committee, and both teams plan to be back next year to defend their titles.  


Also competing was Richard Hodgkins of Zion, IL paddling his unlimited C-1 Canoe at a very competitive pace for the first three hours until he was forced to bow out due to the effects of food poisoning the night before.  Richard has vowed to be back next year and to be in fine shape to challenge the record.


On Saturday, August 19th a HydroBowl series of races were run.  Check out the WISIL site for racing results, and look below for a few pictures...


Gather 'round and listen up!  Bob Buerger conducts the racers meeting.


Gentlemen, start your pedals!  Lining up for the 2K Criterium.


The 2K Criterium underway.  Who's in the lead here?


Bob Buerger on Cardboard Copycat, and Warren Beauchmamp on Sidewinder III take a break between races.


Bill Murphy powers through the 100m Sprint on Transducer 5.


Dan Plankenhorn on the WaveBike waits as Jake Free goes through the 100m Sprints on New Fisics.


Jake Free tries out Dan Plankenhorn's Spoiler kayak.


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