Velosea 2000 Pictures
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The Velosea Human Powered Boat Race was held on Saturday, September 9th, 2000 at Centennial Park, Barrie, Ontario, on the beautiful Lake Simcoe.  The weather was great, nice and calm in the morning for the sprints, but the wind kicked up a bit of chop in the afternoon.  After the races, we opened up the boats to the public for demo rides, all of which seemed to be very well received.  

Check out the racing results, too.


The 2K Criterium race.  That's not a three-man boat, it's a WaveWalker in front with the Hobie Mirage tandem behind.


Nathan Bresett and Rick Smith on the Hobie Mirage tandem and Pete Bell in the WaveWalker.


Steve Copeland on the Soleau, Trevor Jeffers and John Shillolo on their SurfBikes.


John Rakush on the HydroBikes Explorer, Orrin and Mike Christy on the SeaCycle.


Human Powered Boats

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